About Us

Covert Cocktails was born from the need for realistic, low maintenance drinks that donít spill on the poker tables, white carpet, or the silk dress that your actress is wearing. We provide a unique and exciting way to add fun and ambiance to any scene, display, photo, or party without the dangers and mess of sticky fluids.

Our drinks are faux representations of your customary cocktail, so they're 100% unspillable. We offer a diverse, colorful, and impressive menu, including full drinks, half drinks, and "drunk" drinks to allow for realism and flexibility. We also welcome custom orders!

As seen on...

Final Destination 4, True Blood, NCIS, Men of A Certain Age, Faster, a Shark Navigator commercial, Drive, Desperate Housewives, Heroes, CSI, Knight Rider, Priviledged, Viva Laughlin, Without A Trace and Las Vegas, to name a few.

Covert Cocktails Care

Itís simple! A quick rinse in warm soapy water will clean and shine them up. Do not scrub the acrylic glasses as they are scratch resistant but will show the wear and tear of a scrubber sponge.

All the garnishes are water-resistant and can be reused over and over again. Store in a mild temperature (Not hot, not cold) to keep the glass, acrylic and resin from expanding and contracting.

More Info

Broken items are covered by UPS Insurance, and will need to be returned for replacement. Damage claims must be reported no later than 5 days after shipment is received.

All of our drinks are hand-made with quality materials. Items may vary slightly.

Most orders ship within 3-5 business days of receipt of your order. This will vary for custom orders, quantity orders and holidays. Please allow 5-10 days shipping time.

Covert Cocktails has been fulfilling the needs of Photographers, Propmasters, Schools (learning tools), Specialty stores, Restaurants and Party Planners since 2005. Our faux drinks are perfectly suited for the professionals in today's world of Creative Design. We are the faux cocktails and garnish to the stars!
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