Frequently Asked Questions
1. Can I rent Covert Cocktails?
Yes! We offer great pricing on our rentals.

2. Do you do custom orders?
Of course. You dream it up-we'll mix it!

3. How do I match my real drinks to the Covert Cocktails?
You can purchase or rent empty glassware to match any style of of Covert Cocktail glass.Then mix your own beverage and serve it up.

4. Does the garnish go bad?
No,it is made of unspoilable faux garnish materials.

5. Are the cocktails sanitary?
All of our cocktails can be rinsed in warm,soapy water. The straws can be removed and replaced with fresh, un-germified ones.

6. Do the cocktails look real?
So real, only the bartender knows for sure.

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