"I love Covert Cocktails because, in a crowd of 100 extras, fully half will have a drinking problem. Now I’m not talking about Alcoholics, I’m talking about problems with drinking, they spill, they drop, they put their glass down on the dolly track while they take a smoke break. In fact your basic background actor, will always sniff out the most expensive/rare thing on the set and then spill a glass of red wine all over it. How do they do it? Nobody knows, but I fear for that antique couch that belongs to the location. You might say I’m exaggerating, but since I started using Covert Cocktails, I haven’t had to clean RC Cola off any taxidermied bunnies, or stand on set while somebody tells me that 'a little club soda' will get that strawberry daiquiri stain off the white Modern Props rug. It’s that simple, Covert Cocktails = less drinking problems."


"I have been a script supervisor in the film industry for 18 years.Covert Cocktails leaves no room for error when it comes to continuity and makes my job so much easier!I want them on all my movies!"
Hil Momberger
Script Supervisor


"We have used Covert Cocktails to display in our model timeshare units and in our lobby display for our restaurants and lounges.We also have found them extremely practical for our photo shoots for the local tourist guides."
S. Lynn Barbini
Hospitality Resources


"A fellow photographer recommended Covert Cocktails to me saying that he found the perfect props for his photo shoots. I have been using them ever since and they are an amazing addition to my portraits and home staging photos."
J. Jimenez

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